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Inspiring food innovation.

Discover Atrium

The food industry is huge and unbelievably complex. At Atrium, we are dedicated to empowering small food and beverage businesses in Europe.

We are building the operating center for sales and customer management, so brands can focus on creating rather than administration.

What’s Atrium?

In the same way as an atrium channels light and fresh air to the interior, we want to bring a breeze of fresh creativity to the food industry and accelerate change.

For Food Brands

With over 95% of food manufacturing in Europe represented by businesses with up to 50 employees, we recognize the unique challenges these businesses face when it comes to expanding their reach beyond their local communities.

Our mission is not only to develop digital solutions to make them thrive but also to help them bring their products to a wider audience.

For Sustainability

The food industry is a major contributor to carbon emissions and it’s changing too slowly. The environmental balance is breaking.

Without changing the old way of doing business, changes in food consumption will always be too slow and time is running out.  

For Efficiency

The key differentiator between companies that scale successfully and companies that don’t is the automation of repetitive processes

Thankfully, a lot of this automation can be inspired by B2C technologies. Atrium is at the forefront of adapting them to the realm of B2B sales.

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Meet The Team

We're a multidisciplinary team based in The Netherlands with a passion for food. Building a platform to help other entrepreneurs is the most rewarding of the endeavors.

CEO & Co-founder

Gianluca Valentini

Coming from a family of small entrepreneurs, my grandfather was a milk distributor and dairy producer. The evolution of the food system is one of the biggest challenges of our times and I couldn’t be more excited to tackle it head on.
CTO & Co-founder

Francesco Lisandro

Coming from a region where locals still grow their own produce, I have created, launched, or helped launch many e-commerce apps in over 18 years of career. I am combining the values of my upbringing and my tech knowledge into helping the F&B industry transition to a brighter and more sustainable future.

CCO & Co-founder

Albin Bronkhorst

As an experienced entrepreneur (and dad) I believe the world needs affordable healthy food. I’ve seen the enormous palm tree plantations with my own eyes. As consumers we need to support our local producers and stand up and fight for a healthy planet. I’m leveraging my startup and corporate knowledge to connect local produce with business users.

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Rotterdam, SH

The Netherlands

T: (087) 784 7937